Regis College – $50 course

Limited class offering for au pairs. Esther, the contact at Regis College, will begin scheduling meetings with Au Pairs to find out your interests and see if Regis College has a class that will work for you. She has limited space, but she will do the best she can to accommodate you.

You must fill out the attached form with your course selections and email Esther Ghazarian: Esther will email you back to set up a time to meet with you and let you know which classes are available to you. Only 2-3 au pairs can attend each class offered. This offer only applies to weekday classes in fall and spring semesters. They meet 2 times per week for 15 weeks. You can take up to 2 classes per semester.

You will receive credit hours for what you attend. One course could have you completing approx. 34.5 hours and another could be 36.8 and two courses could be a total of 75 hours. They calculate this on the length of each semester and the time/days the course is offered. You will not receive course credit for the courses attend (unless you pay full price).

You need 72 credit hours to complete your requirement.

Link to courses:

The cost is $50 per course.

You will get credit for the hours you attend. 12 hours = 1 credit. Each course taken at Regis will earn you 2.85 credits. 1 course= 2.85 credits, 2 courses = 6 credits

Form to fill out: Audit Program -Au Pairs

Here is Esther’s information: Regis College | 235 Wellesley Street | Weston, MA 02493
P:781.768.7284 |

Monday, 17 July 2017 9:08 AM


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